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All my self created playlists are missing!

All my self created playlists are missing!

I use the free version of Spotify and just noticed that all the Playlists I've created for myself over the years are missing! We're talking 30 or more.  Some of the other music I've saved seems to be gone as well.

I tried Googling the problem and also checked on this message board but was unable to figure out exactly what is wrong. I did change my password in case someone had hacked my account.


I use a PC, have Windows 10 and reside in the USA.


Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

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Hey there @sheltone612,

thanks for posting !


Have you tried recovering the playlists on your account page online ?


Let me know 😃

If you mean the "Recover playlists" option, all that is listed there are some lists Is that what you meant?

Hey there @sheltone612,


Please reach your account overview here.

If you scroll down, you'll see a list of account options to your left.

Click on the "Recover Playlist" section and see if your missing playlists are there by any chance.


Let me know what you come up with 😃

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