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I want to see all the playlists from the user The Sound of Spotify.

In the list of Public Playlistst I only see the first 200 lists, but they have more than 3000 lists. How is it possible for me to see them?

In the online player the list is refreshing if you scroll down.

The link to the user

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Hey there @Edsworld,

thanks for posting !


I've searched the profile you mentioned and under more than one user i saw about 200 playlists.


Can you please let me know where have you seen an amount of playlists you can seem to find ?


Thanks 🙂

Hi OneByBoo,


The list is from Every Noise at Once.
There's a website with al the playlists

There are already more then 3900 playlists and growing.


My solution is to work from this list.



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