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Alphabetizing/filtering playlists

Alphabetizing/filtering playlists

It's relatively easy to do this in the Spotify app for Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (GO DROID). Open Spotify and select YOUR MUSIC. You will then see four headers (reading left to right): PLAYLISTS.  SONGS.  ALBUMS.   ARTISTS.  Now, pick the header you want to sort, then drag down on the list that displays when you do that. A FILTER bar will then appear and you can magically sort however you prefer. For example, when you do this for the PLAYLIST header, these choices appear:  FILTER YOUR PLAYLISTS. Under this you will see FILTER offline content only. Under this you will see SORT BY: NAME...MOST PLAYED...UNSORTED. Select what you want to do and Spotify starts sorting immeadiately. Long lists with lots of files take awhile so be patient. You can fool around with the other three headers now as to your heart's content as the FILTER choices are somewhat similar. I hope this takes the ffrustration out of Spotify for you. Now stop lollygagging and get to sorting your playlists, songs, albums and artists!!!

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