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Always playing Imunni Compbill Melinnue, won't allow my selction

Always playing Imunni Compbill Melinnue, won't allow my selction






Windows 10 laptop (also same on iPhone 8 and iPad)

Operating System

Windows 10


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When I start Spotify, it starts playing Imunni Compbill Melinnue (who?) straight away. If I stop it, it starts up the same  again after 5-10 secs. If I select something else, it plays maybe 3 secs of what I have selected, then plays Imunni again. Also it's reverting to  Web Player (Chrome) all the time, and won't stay playing on my laptop (this device). I have stopped Spotify everywhere, refreshed the spotify app but to no avail. A further complication is that Spotify Connect will not play on Sonos - keeps saying I don't have Premium, when my account settings say I do (and I'm paying!). Any help appreciated.


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Hey @castelg ,


Welcome to the Community, I hope you're doing great.

I'd recommend taking a look at this article for more steps on how to protect your account, there's a possibility that someone has taken over it, but before assuming any issues related to this, please make sure to follow the steps in the article above. 


Also, I'm glad that you refreshed your Spotify app, could you please give it a try by clearing your cache/cookies or even reinstalling it? This should help as well if there's a glitch.


Let me know how you get on!

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