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App Sizing with Dual-Screen

App Sizing with Dual-Screen

Hi guys ! 


I'm just here to let you guys know about a bug that occurs to me every day. Not reaaaally annoying but would be good if it can be fix someday. 


I have two screen for my PC. The left one is at the vertical, and the right one at horizontal. Both are in 1080p. When I maximize Spotify on the horizontal, everything's fine. But when I move it to the vertical one, and try to maximize it, it doesn't go full screen, but only like the 1/3 of the screen. And vice-versa: if I maximized it on the vertical one, and then try to maximize it on the horizontal one, it doesn't work either.


Temporary solution: I need to close the app in Task Manager in order to switch which screen I want to maximize it. I took a screenshot when it happens on the horizontal screen to show what I mean by "1/3". 


I use Windows 10 Pro. Can give my Specs if necessary but my PC is pretty strong. Didn't try it on Linux, so I don't know if the problem is there too.



PS: Sorry for my English.

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