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App keeps crashing

App keeps crashing






Huawei D14 Macbook, 16 GB (15.8 usable), Intel i5 processor

Operating System

Windows 10


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My Spotify app keeps crashing. When I open it, it may
1) crash after a few seconds
2) crash once I press any button (e.g. 3 dots menu, play/pause, shuffle)
3) crash after playing a song or two
Sometimes when it crashes it a buffering symbol may appear by my cursor before crashing. 


I've soft rebooted, clean reinstalled at least 5 times, logged in and out of my account. Yet I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Is it because I have not updated my laptop to Windows 11? Do I not have enough RAM? Or is it something else? I really hope I can fix the issue. I've been stuck on the browser app for 1-2 months now....


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Hey @RavenGI,


Thanks for posting in the Community and the troubleshooting you've already tried.


Are you using the Microsoft Store version of the app or the one downloaded from the Spotify site? Try switching between the two.


Have you also tried checking if the app behaves the same in Safe Mode?


How much RAM does the PC have? I don't think it's related though.


Let us know how that went,





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