Appdata folder. Why Spotify WHY???

Appdata folder. Why Spotify WHY???

So I recently installed a program called Cryptoprevent to apply group policy objects to block certain executables in the %appdata% folder from running.


I did this to prevent my PC from becoming infected by various types of malware, particularily, the Cryptolocker virus.


I understand that no self respecting software would run from the appdata folder...


Apart from Spotify, apparently.


I have whitelisted the Spotify executables so Spotify does run as it should, however updating the software is another matter.


Now I have to undo all GPO's and restart my pc before Spotify is happy to install it's updates.



Why Spotify, why do you torment me so?



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Hey there.


You can cut-and-paste the Spotify-folder from appdata to another location and run the executable.


Should work!


moving the appdata folder should allow the program to run no problem, but may not direct an update to go in the same folder as the original.


you should test this out


Yeah, this is a genuine problem. Best practice in the era of cryptolocker will result in Spotify being useless if their installer continues to put it in the AppData.


Just tried installing it on my own relatively new machine (was using the web player for a month), since we set that Group Policy.




June 2014 - and this is still an issue. I prefer to have Cryptolocker active rather than Spotify, so hence I am not updating Spotify.

I agree with the other comments - it is time for Spotify to change.


I haven't managed to get it to work even by trying to move the appdata folder, although it's possible something went wrong when I tried to move it. Is there any solution on the horizon for this problem?


There's an idea here but it only has 21 kudos, which hardly represents a significant percentage of the user base so I'd guess that any installation options at this point are unlikely.


If Spotify has update,

in the %AppData%\Spotify  directory has two file Spotify_new.exe and Spotify_new.exe.sig,

just copy it to elsewhere and after run the updater (Spotify_new.exe)!




In CryptoPrevent Whitelist the Spotify_new.exe


(Sorry my bad English)




I have the same problem- I cannot update!


That doesn't seem to work


I get error code 17


I can't believe this topic is 3 years old and Spotify have still not fixed this fundamental flaw with their app. Executables are not supposed to run from that directory. I can't get Spotify, which I'm paying a montly fee for, to work on my laptop without deliberately crippling that laptop's security. That's unacceptable.




A year later, issue still stands... Frustrating as **bleep** because the web player and the windows store app doesn't have abilities that the desktop app does.

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