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Artists page is blank

Artists page is blank

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Windows 10, Desktop client


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My artists list has been blank for 6 months. I have loads of albums and thousands of songs saved... it used to list all the artists I have saved, but then one day it was empty, never to return.

I've seen this issue appear repeatedly for years. What's the story?


My Android client has the same problem, so perhaps it's account related?

What's interesting though, is the Android client has "recommended artists", which contains much of the original list...

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Same here, Windows 10 desktop. It is unbelievable, how a primary function would not work for months. It's time to go with Apple Music?

One thinh I just "discovered" is that the Artist Page WILL be BLANK unless you FOLLOW that Artist... with a check sign in the heart (shaped ) box

Hey everyone.


Spotify has indeed made some changes to Your Library in the past 6 months or so.

Now the Artists feature works like that:


"To add an artist, you need to select FOLLOW at the top of their artist profile.

Tip: Liking a song doesn’t automatically add the song’s album or artist to Your Library, but will make its album/artist more likely to appear in Recommended under Artists and Albums in Your Library."


More infos can be found in the official help article.




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