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Unliked several songs by mistake - please help

Unliked several songs by mistake - please help

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I mistakenly unliked several songs without being able to notice which ones exactly. And they are now gone from my library. Anyone knows a way to know which ones exactly? I've seen idea post for an activity log which would be a great feature but for some reason has only 7(!) votes?  😞


Also as an application developer myself I would give a suggestion to the windows development/UX team (or all teams). The application allows you to unlike a song without confirmation and keep it in the list for a second or so and then remove it from the list. Also the proximity of unlike and play allows user to mistakenly or accidentally click wrong button. This is exactly how I deleted few songs. It takes about a second to realize that you mistakenly deleted a song instead of playing and since + sign shows up you intuitively reach out to it trying to undo your action and by the time your finger clicks there is already a different "liked" song under the mouse pointer and you remove it now as well. And that keeps going in the infinite loop until you can get yourself to break out of it and simply stop trying to "undelete".




This gives user a bad experience.

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Hey @BlackStrat.


Thanks for your feedback on this!


There is indeed an idea which has already been created about this potential feature. We recommend that you vote for it and wait for it to garner enough votes from other users who are of the same opinion as you - that way, Spotify might consider implementing it in the future!


Also, thank you for suggesting the second idea which you mentioned. While there doesn't seem to currently be an idea about it, you can create an idea yourself in the Ideas Exchange here and get others to vote for it. 


Hope that helps! Let us know if we can help in any other way 🙂

Seems like a pretty simple thing to implement and it would save me a lot of hassle. Songs disappearing from my likes list honestly stresses me the fk out cos im always scared im gonna loose a found obscure jewel and with the thousands of songs i have ill never even notice. Its just a confirmation GUI. Just implement it already. Along with other bugs it honestly makes me seriously consider moving to another platform. It seems ridiculous that im paying so much for an app that has the time to change every other ui element every week but cant safe guard my songs from an accidental finger slip.

Hey there @cutanatjiegmail,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


There's already an idea about a confirmation screen when removing/unliking a song that you can add your support and feedback to. In this case, we'd recommend heading over to it and adding a +VOTE. 


To find out more about how your feedback reaches Spotify, we'd recommend taking a look at this Spotify Answer


@BlackStrat, to add to what @Peter suggested above, while it's not currently possible to undo any actions taken after some time has passed, there's a similar sounding idea that you can add your support to here.


Keep in mind that if this happened when using the desktop app and you notice it right away, you can try clicking Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z to undo the last action you took.


Hope that's helpful. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with!


Have a lovely day 🙂

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