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Audiobooks are too splitted

Audiobooks are too splitted






Samsung S5 Neo / PC

Operating System

Android 6.0.1 / Windows 10 Prof.

My Question or Issue

I love Spotify and a premium member, but there's one thing that I really, really hate...
Why on h... are audiobooks splitted up in hundreds and hundreds of files?
Why not ONE file for one complete audiobook?
At the moment the audiobooks ruins the number of my downloadable files. And it is very, very confusing/annoying  if I had to scroll through hundreds of files (which all have the same title because the titles are too long and get shortened by ...) to get to the next audiobook.

I've a lot of audiobooks on several platforms and the most of them are one file with bookmarks for the chapters and keeps in mind automaticaly on the second there I was at the last time.

Why is this not the same on Spotify? It would be so much more comfortable and would not mess up the amount of downloadable songs/books.

"The Count of Monte Christo" in German has 1,320 files, for example.

"Oliver Twist" in German has 1,217 files. So 2,537 files of my 10k are messed up with only TWO audiobooks. -.-

Has someone an answer/a solution for me to fix that?

The Count of Monte Christo Oliver Twist

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