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Autoplay doesn't show up on desktop version

Autoplay doesn't show up on desktop version


For some reason autoplay has simply disappeared from my desktop version of Spotify (I'm running Windows 7). It's still there on my iphone App, but it simply isn't listed under playback in the settings. And given that there is way to get support from the actual company, I was hoping someone here might have some suggestions.


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @KramRlchs, welcome to the Community.

Hope you don't mind if I reply in English 🙂

It seems it has been removed from the desktop apps and I liked that feature.

You can give your support to this idea if you would like to see it back.


Hope it helps!

Hey @KramRlchs,


Thanks for your reaching out on the Community about this.


We have some good news for you..! 🙂


Just head on over to this thread and check out the update there.






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