[BUG] Dot menu overlays other windows

[BUG] Dot menu overlays other windows


Window 10 PC in the Spotify Application


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The little 3-dot menu in the top left of the Spotify app (contains File, Edit, View, Playback, Help) will persist over other windows, see picture. When it does this, the menu can still be clicked on, swapping to the Spotify window with the dropdown opened.


This occurs when I have the Spotify window open, then switch windows either by clicking on the taskbar or by dragging another window so that it would cover the menu dot icons. It does not occur if the Spotify window is minimized. It does occur no matter the size/position of the Spotify window, on or even across multiple monitors. This has occurred with every window I've tried, including chrome, File Explorer, Snipping Tool, and various other programs. It even remains when I go fullscreen in a video player or similar. My mouse does cover the dots. 

Menu over Chrome.PNG
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Hey there @Magicdoer1!


Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community.


Just to check, have you downloaded the app from our website or the Microsoft store?


Could you try performing a clean reinstall of the app with the steps here and making sure you re-download the app from the Microsoft store?


If the issue persists, let us know your Spotify version and when you first started noticing that this is happening.


Keep us posted!

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