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[BUG] Spotify Home Page no loading


[BUG] Spotify Home Page no loading






Windows Desktop App

Operating System

Windows 11 Pro


My Question or Issue

I'm using Spotify version on Windows 11 Pro (the app provided from the Microsoft Store).


I'm finding that when I wake my PC from Sleep mode, the Spotify Home page doesn't just shows grey boxes with the loading animation.  If I close the app and re-launch it, then the Home page loads just fine.  Even though the Home page doesn't load, Spotify will continue to play music no problem.


The app is indeed on-line (and my PC is connected to the internet; web sites are loading no problem).  Any ideas?  I've only run into this issue starting in the past few weeks, perhaps a bug?

Top Answer

Hey everyone,

Thank you for posting in this thread and for cooperating with the needed details 🙂

It has been confirmed that this should now be fixed, just don't forget to update to the newest app version.

Should you need help with anything else, the Community's here.


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Hey folks,


Thanks for all your replies and for keeping us in the loop!


Just to confirm, are you currently seeing this behavior on your devices? If yes, please send us the info mentioned by @Maria here. We'll forward the info to the relevant team.


We'll be on the lookout!

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I'm having the same issue with the same version of Spotify on Windows 10. The home page won't load and search won't work either, but music still plays and playlists are accessible. Doing a clean reinstall didn't help for me either.

I have the same issue. Home page, artist pages, etc. won't load until restarting the app. Did a reinstall but that didn't seem to help.

Hey there folks,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community!

Just to check, does the same thing happen if you connect to a different network? For example, you can try another WiFi connection or create a hotspot from your phone.

Could you also try clearing stored cache from the app? Once it's done, try logging out and back in again. Completing these actions should resync your account info.

If that doesn't do the trick, @ajtosello & @olop4444, could you let us know the make and model of your device, along with the Spotify version? @francisw19 - feel free to let us know if you've tried any other troubleshooting as well.

A screenshot or video showing how things look from your end would also be helpful, so we can look into this further. Should the files be too large to attach here in the Community, you can send them to us as unlisted YouTube videos or via Google Drive.

Let us know how you get on!

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Hi Maria,

Thanks for the suggestions! Clearing my stored cache did seem to work for a while but it's started happening again after a few hours. Unfortunately, using a different WiFi connection didn't help. 

I'm using Spotify for Windows (64 bit) on my Windows 10 PC. 
I've attached a screenshot of what the homepage looks like. It either stays like that or just goes grey and says "something went wrong". Let me know if there's any other info you need.

Thanks! 🙂

Screenshot 2024-01-09 202620.png

Thanks for the info @ajtosello!


Something else that's worth checking is if disabling Hardware Acceleration (or enabling it; this can be done from the app's settings) has any effect on this, so feel free to try it out folks.


Should the issue persist, please share the exact version of the app you're running @olop4444.


Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Yordan, but no luck unfortunately. I turned hardware acceleration off but I'm still getting the same issue.

Hey @ajtosello,


Thank you for keeping in contact.

Another thing that might be affecting the proper behavior of the app could be the "host" files stored on your PC. In this case, we'd recommend clearing any entries which contain Spotify from the host files on your computer by following the instructions in this post (even if it's a different issue).


Also, would you mind checking if the Web Player shows the same behavior after your PC goes to sleep? 


We appreciate your cooperation regarding this issue. 


We'll be on the lookout.

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Hey Oscar,

No problem at all!

I didn't have any entries for Spotify in my host file, so no luck there. 

It doesn't seem to happen with the web player. I've tried a few different times and I still have access to search and home through the web player. So seems like it's just the app. Maybe I'll just try using the web player for a while haha.


Hey @ajtosello,

Thanks for providing us with some more details!

Could you check if you have Local Files enabled on the desktop app? If so, try switching it off to see if it makes any difference. Also, does the same thing happen if you try running the app in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking?

However, as we are not able to recreate it from our end, and considering the troubleshooting tried so far, we've done some investigation from our end. As a heads-up, it seems like it might be related to the specific setups. In this case, unfortunately, we’re not able to confirm if or when your request about the Home page will be resolved.

To guarantee you get the latest features and fixes as soon as we launch them, we suggest keeping your Spotify app up-to-date.

Should anything else appear, the Community is here for you!

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Happening here too on on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit). It's the version installed through the Microsoft Store and it's been last updated on 18 december 2023. This is around the time I started experiencing this as well, as I checked the store for updates as soon as I experienced this twice in a short enough time span to notice something was off. I cannot see what version I was on before that, I guess you'll be able to tell from the supplied version and possibly my account logs. But I do suggest you check the differences made between the previous version and this one.


Turning off hardware acceleration made no difference. I personally have local files enabled because I use them. But I have disabled them for now to see if that will make any difference. (edit) Oh yeah, I don't have any entries related to Spotify in my hostsfile.


There is merely a large-ish chance this happens after sleep/resume, it is not consistent. It feels like a period of time needs to pass for this to occur, either running or sleeping. So I have not been able to establish a clear repro yet. That's also why I won't be running in any safe mode because I simply do not have the time to wait around for it to occur (possibly hours) while not being able to use my computer in the meantime.


Staying up-to-date is a nice sentiment but I wish I could revert to the previous version in the meantime. I'm pretty sure that will restore it to proper working order.

Turning off show local files did not fix the problem.

Thanks Maria. 

Same as DataGhost, changing the local files setting didn't fix it for me. I already had it turned off, and turning it on didn't do anything for this problem. I'm using the latest version of Spotify, and this has been happening since it updated. 
I haven't had time to try it out in safe mode. Like DataGhost said, it isn't always consistent and I don't have time to try to reproduce it right now. 

If there are any updates on this problem, please let us know. 

In Win11 when the PC wakes up spotify is unable to load anything in the main and side panel. If i click to anther album or home its unable to load the content. I get the ghosted loading areas and then eventually it says can't find album or can't load or something to that effect. If I quit and restart the app its fine.


Hey @latemetal


Do you see this issue in the web player? Are you on the newest version of Spotify.


I'd recommend clearing your Hosts File. Please follow these instructions.


Let me know how it goes! 🙂

I have a similar problem. It all started a week ago or so. Playing a song from my playlists works fine, but if I click the home button it fail to load the page. Just a bunch of gray animated placeholders is showing. The search function is also affected. When typing in the search text box nothing happens. No response no error. Only way to make it work again is to restart the application. This used to work fine so something must be broken.

So the web player is fine after PC wakes up. It's just the windows app. From what I can tell the cached content is able to load but any new requests time out. My hosts file is fine.


Problem persists in

Thanks for the details folks.


As you can get the Spotify app both from our website, as well as from the Microsoft Store and sometimes they can behave differently, could you completely delete the current version you're running and then install the other one to see if that'll make any difference?


Keep us updated 🙂

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Hello, I just did fresh install of whole PC for non related reasons and installed spotify again from different sources, it still does that, after the computer goes to sleep, it stops working, artists pages do not load, home screen doesnt load, search doesnt work. Fixes itself when spotify is restarted... It does that for at least a month or two already, can we please do something about it? It's kinda driving me crazy lately, I use notebook, it goes to sleep often... 

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