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Bad audio quality / No options

Bad audio quality / No options

Hello there,

I'm new to Spotify and quite shocked why is the sound quality is so bad, also why the destkop player has little to no audio options?

Up to this point i've mostly used Aimp 3 and the sound on Aimp is absolutely magical, let aside the equalizer, the sound effects and all other options it supports. Also it supports 7.1 while sptofiy does not...

The web version of Spotify is slightly better, but still can't get rid of the feeling this sound is just terrible.


Really like the variety of content and playlists, but absolutely can't get used to this terrible audio quality. Is there maybe any alternative more enhanced player?

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Hey @Leogator 


I'd like to know if you're on Premium or Free. 🙂
The free plan has some limitations on audio quality - the bitrate is lower.


There are a couple of things that may affect Spotify's audio quality for the worse, so I suggest going through these two things:

The audio enhancements:
1. Go to Taskbar, find and click on the speaker icon. Click the speaker/device icon again on the volume slider popup.
2. Go to Sound Enhancement tab and disable them.
3. If there are additional tabs like Dolby or similar, try disabling these too.

The Communications setting:
1. Find the speaker icon on Taskbar again. Right-click on it and select Sounds.
2. In the opened window go to Communications and set Windows to do nothing.


Let me know if that helps 🙂

SebastySpotify Star
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Hi Sebasty,


thanks for your answer. I've tried the free trial of Premium, don't think it's the Kbs.


I have 700$ Sennheiser headset and full 7.1 speakers, and tried your suggestions for both. They make no difference.


Just to clarify, i don't have any noise or echo or other issues. If this was a podcast or maybe an audio-book i'd be fine with such a quality.

But listening to music like this? Not acceptable...


Have you ever tried listening to music in Aimp or in VLC? I open same same songs on same machine in Aimp and in Spotify and it's just days and nights. How can someone enjoy this?


And where are all the options like equalizers and sound effects? Why is it so minimalistic?

I like the content, but this audio player... 



About the audio quality... I can't tell. I haven't really had any audio issues with Spotify, definitely not under Windows.
I have audio normalization turned off in the app, which, when enabled, was a bit restricting.


I use Foobar2000 and Audacious with flac and wav files, but I do not use equalizer or any other enhancement plugins though, so I suppose the lack of these in Spotify is what's affecting your sound.

You should be able to use Equalizer APO (with Peace qui for easier use) to modify Spotify's audio. A paid option is Equalify Pro.

SebastySpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

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