Bluetooth Speaker To Headset Bug


Bluetooth Speaker To Headset Bug





 United States


HP Desktop

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Windows 10

My Question or Issue

I have noticed this happen to me a few times and thought that it was time to report it as a bug. I own an iHome Bluetooth speaker and I sometimes like to connect it to my computer and blast some good Imagine Dragons. When I'm done with it I will switch the lever to turn it off, but when I do this Spotify keeps playing the song. When I go to pause the song Spotify gives me a message saying the song cant be played. When I go to resume the song it plays like normal, but no sound is coming out. My computer shows that my headset is connected and ready for audio and everything. A simple restart fixes this issue but I feel this is a bug worth reporting.

Please reply to this if you have any questions or need me to do anything (demonstration, specs, device type, etc.) and I will be more than glad to provide you guys with it.