Drag & Drop doesn't work anymore


Drag & Drop doesn't work anymore


Hey there.

About 6 months ago, Drag & Drop suddenly stopped working on my Spotify Desktop App (running on Windows 10 Home), which means i neither can move playlists around nor can i move songs around within playlists. I was hoping that this would be fixed some day, but the months came and went and still nothing has changed. I reinstalled the Desktop App multiple times, sadly to no avail.

I would be very grateful for a solution, as this function was an essential part of my Spotify experience and has been missed ever since it vanished.

Have a great day 😉

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Re: Drag & Drop doesn't work anymore


Hey @NoLedge95.


What Spotify and Windows version are you using? I've tested this on my end and I can drag and drop playlists as usual.


Just to confirm, did you follow these steps to reinstall the app?


Keep me posted.

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