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[Bug] Local Files Artwork not changing when Album info is empty

[Bug] Local Files Artwork not changing when Album info is empty




Operating System

Windows 10


My Issue

There seems to be a bug for Local files with art not changing properly on next song from the same Artist when the Album info is not filled or empty. It will always show the first song artwork from the same artist instead of it's owned tagged / assigned artwork. Anyways all local files are in .m4a format. (I have tested with iTunes and foobar2000 and I do not have this issue with the arts not displaying correctly anyways).


In addition there is also an annoying bug with local file's filename containing apostrophe is not displaying it's art. This issue has been reported since 2017 and it's still not fixed.


Will this two issue be looked into and fixed?

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Hi there @GreenMonster,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


The issue with files containing special symbols like apostrophes in their name was reported to be fixed. If you're still experiencing this we'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app, following exactly the steps provided in this Spotify Answer.


Apart from that try to make the cover art image for the songs/albums you're uploading 300x300 px and make sure that the song themselves are not protected or from illegal sources.


Another thing you can try is to connect to a different network such as a mobile hotspot before you reupload the files, as some routers do not support or block protocols necessary for the successful upload of local files.


Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.



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The apostrophe bug is definitely still present for me. I went through the trouble and re-did the test on two Windows 10 PCs, both with the same version of Spotify and files and even re-installed / clean install Spotify on one of them. The artwork are in 300x300 resolution too as suggested. I am currently on of Spotify version.


Below is a screenshot of the issue. The first image is with apostrophe and the second one without it. The artwork area is circled in red. And you can see the filename on the right File Explorer (explorer.exe).


With Apostrophe:

With ApostropheWith Apostrophe

Without Apostrophe:Without ApostropheWithout Apostrophe

Hey @GreenMonster,


Thanks for getting back in touch and for sending this info. 


Just to confirm, did you follow these specific steps to reinstall the app? If you didn't, we suggest that you reinstall the app this way since it's more thorough than a normal one. 


Also, take a look at the steps and recommendations you'll find in this article. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂




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As stated in my previous reply that the problem still persist with a clean install. That was the way I reinstalled previously. To be sure, I reinstalled / re-did the process again today to ensure it, which yield the same result with the apostrophe bug.

  1. Uninstall Spotify.
  2. Win + R -> %appdata% and ensure that Spotify folder does not exist.
  3. Win + R -> %localappdata% and ensure that Spotify folder does not exist.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Install Spotify.

And regarding the recommendation in that article that was linked. It is irrelevant as my issue is not related to any of those file formats listed not playing in Spotify, but rather with the album art not showing up in Spotify player when a local file with an apostrophe in the filename that has an album art is not displaying or showing up.

For additional info, in my previous / initial test I do have Quicktime installed on my PC and have tested on .mp3 file formats too, with the same result. When a filename contains an apostrophe, the album art is not shown.


Hey @GreenMonster


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. 


We appreciate you sharing these details with us and we'll be passing them along to the right teams for further investigation.  


While we don't have any further updates to share at the moment, we'd always recommend keeping the app updated so you won't miss a thing. 



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