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[Bug] User Name Cutoff After update

[Bug] User Name Cutoff After update

The recent Windows Spotify Desktop App update [v1.0.75.483.g7ff4a0dc] has a issue with scaling (NOT the Microsoft Store version).


More to the point the Minimize Button cuts off part of the User Name/Little Arrow in the upper right corner.


Steps to reproduce: 
• 3840x2160 display 
• Windows 10 
• Set Windows Scaling to 200% 
• Spotify App 
• In the Spotify App set The Zoom level to -3 (Ctrl+- 3 times) 
* Result: Notice the arrow and/or user name is partly cutoff *


[Top is the layout error, bottom is the expected rendering of the content]

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Im a bit alarmed. My issue is not with the Toastify global. The automatic update of spotify to version has immediately coincided with my Spotify account being logged into by Spotiamp 0.2. The spotify update run on the 4th March 2018 on my Windows 10 desktop. After a restart my phone said my account has been logged into by Spotiamp 0.2 and is playing strange music (stuff iv never listwned to). Unlike other users on the Spotiamp 0.2 thread, I have never ever logged into spotify with either facebook (dont have an account). Never used an email account. I have so far uninstalled the entire PC application. Also as advised I have disconnected all devices. I have removed lunks to 3rd party apps like LastFM and Waze. The Spotiamp is still in my list and persistent.

I have the same rendering error and I have scaling set to the default of 100%. However simply zooming out will cause the profile button and down arrow selector to shrink and start to disapear behind the "min/max/close" buttons which do not scale with the rest of the UI. It looks like they are a holdover from an old UI pasted over the new UI and are not part of it.


After further testing.


Bug. Profile disapears behind Title Bar buttons if UI resized [Zoomed out] sufficiently.
However if \/ down arrow menu is still visible and is clicked on then when it closes the profile redraws in the correct position.

Reproduction steps.
1 Open Spotify.
2 Reset View [Ctrl 0]
3 Zoom out [ctrl -] untill profile \/ partially obscured by Title Bar Buttons.

4 click on \/ profile menu down arrow

5 click out profile menu on blank area of Spotify App, Observe profile button move.



Hope that this is Helpfull

Hey @CKapasa


If you have never used Spotiamp before and now you're suddenly logged into that, it might be that your account has been accessed. No worries, you can kick them out, just follow the steps in this article. Keep those tips in mind as well. 🙂


Hope that helps!

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