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Bugs with 'Next Up' list

Bugs with 'Next Up' list

Next up list cannot be cleared.


I like to play an album and then have the music finish. I don't want spotify to keep playing from the next up list.  


Everytime my queue of music ends there is something in the 'next up' list  to play - every single time, there is no way to fix this that I'm aware of. I can change what's on the list but not get rid of it. I can't fathom why there is even two distinct lists? Why a queue and then a next up list? What purpose does this serve?


This issue was first brought up in 2016 and is still present:


The 'Solution' (If you can call it that...) is to log out and log back in, well that's never worked for me.  Even if it did, I don't consider that a solution. Imagine if we there was no 'clear' button for the queue? 'Oh just log out and back in again to clear your queue, easy!' rediculous. 


Another sugestion is to play the last song in the 'next up' list to clear it, well when I do that the second that last song finishes the entire 'next up' list that just dissapeared when I started playing the last song reappears! back to square one. 



This was brought up a few months ago but was locked for reasons unknown.


Please please please let users turn off the next up function, you let users turn off autoplay but the compulsary 'next up' list negates that option.


This issue is so frustrating, I just want to listen to what I put in a queue, not have another queue after that that I can't get rid off. 







New Zealand, Australia & Indonesia (Issue occurs in all countries)


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