Can only play saved music



I have Spotify free and on my laptop (windows 10) I've been having some trouble.

For about a week now I'm not able to listen to any music that I didn't save. When I try, the song doesn't appear on the bottom left, the titel and artist will stay blank and it stays on 0:00. 

The only songs I can listen to are the ones in my playlists and favourites. 

(On my phone it works fine btw)


I reinstalled spotify, it worked again for a couple of hours and then the same problem appeared. After I restarted spotify for an update it also worked again for about three songs, then it went back to only my music. 


It seems to have started when I used my brother's hotspot for like an hour, but everything on my laptop has been fine since then, only spotify is being weird.


It's getting really annoying so I would be awesome if it can be fixed!

Thanks in advance


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check your hosts file (should be located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ) and remove anything with "spotify" in the url from said file. you will receive advertisements if you do not have premium, but there are third party ad blockers if you google around

Thanks for responding so fast! But, I don't think I fully understand what
you mean. If I go to that file there are only documents like host, protocol
and services, nothing with spotify. So what exactly do you mean with
"remove anything with "spotify" in the url from said file"? (I already have
ad blockers for spotify btw)


It looks like many people, including myself, are having this kind of trouble since the last update. Hopefully they notice and fix it soon. I have Premium btw.


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