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Can't Reinstall/Launch Spotify

Can't Reinstall/Launch Spotify

I deleted Spotify a day ago, but now I can't seem to reinstall it. 


Whenever I try to launch the setup.exe, a prompt appears saying "A Windows Store installation of Spotify was found in your system. Please uninstall that version first, or update through the Windows Store." 


When I try to launch the app from the Windows Store directly, it gives me a prompt "Windows cannot find [path]\SpotifyMigrator.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."


I've deleted every Spotify file and folder in C:\ manually and cleaned up the registry using CCCleaner, but the issue still persists. 

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Give these a try if that doesnt work:

  • Go to the app store, right click "uninstall"
  • Check the install directory to ensure there is nothing remaining
  • Have you tried installing in another directory? (If you have an external hard drive, or something along those lines try installing directly on that. A perk of that being your music would be stored on that)


Hope this helps, if possible please attach a copy of the message prompt that comes up whilst trying to re-install.

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