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Can't Search/Clicking on Artist's Name Does Nothing

Can't Search/Clicking on Artist's Name Does Nothing

Since I upgraded to the newest Spotify about a week ago (, I've been having problems searching and clicking on band's names. Everything works just fine for about five minutes, then all of a sudden when I try and search, I just get the loading icon. Never any error message, just the loading icon and that's it. Same thing if I click on a band/album name/my name (basically anything clickable), it just shows that it's loading, but it never does. I can listen to the music with no problem, but I can't add tracks to my playlist during this. Basically I can't do much anything that involves exploring. This was not a problem with the previous version, but now it does it all the time. The only solution is to exit Spotify, open it again, then do my searching for about five minutes until it all of a sudden stops working again and just shows the loading icon.


Any ideas on how to fix this? I've done a clean install twice/restarted my computer several times/logged in/out, etc. Nothing seems to work and I don't know where to go from here...

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If a reinstall didn't help then it is most likely an issue on your computer. Would you mind checking to see if you have the most recent version of Java installed and ensuring that you don't require any updates that might be interfering with Spotify?


If you're using Windows then please try disabling hardware acceleration for a time to see if that makes a difference. You can disable that in your Spotify settings. 

What operating system are you using on your computer?

Thanks for the response. It ended up fixing itself, actually (or so it seems.) I lost power Monday and didn't get it back till about an hour ago. When I launched Spotify it had me update to a newer version, and so far that issue hasn't arose again, but we'll see.


Another question that perhaps you or someone else can answer. I asked this a while back but didn't receive an answer - not sure if anyone knows how to fix it. Anyway, I follow a lot of bands, and for some reason I can only view the first 20 notofications or so. On the older versions of Spotify you could just scroll down forever (or for a long time.) On the newer verions of Spotify, the scrolling stops at 20ish. Since I'd been off Spotify for a while, I had 99 notifications to go through, but unfortunately I can only see 1/5th of that. Any ideas on how to see all my notifications from the past couple days?



I'm pleased to hear that the problem sorted itself out. I wish all issues resolved themselves! 😛


Since the last update the limit on the amount of notifications you can view is set to 20. Check out this post for more details.


You can also contribue to the idea exchange about this topic. This idea might be best for you;


Open the notifications in a new separate (full) page.


I'm sorry for this inconvenience and I do hope you can continue to enjoy Spotify regardless! 


Have a great day. 🙂






Thanks a lot! I very much appreciate the assistance!

You're welcome! Just come back here or use the contact form again if you have any further troubles. 😄

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