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Can't add music to a playlist

Can't add music to a playlist

I recently signed up for a premium account. I can create a play list, but I can't add any music to it. I see the elipses after the songs, choose to add it to the newly created playlists and nothing happens. I have tried from my phone as well and I get the same results. Please help!


I'm music a Windows 7 machine and iOS version 10.1.1

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Same here. Can't add or delete music from playlists. Using Win10, and the Google Chrome APP. There's just too many problems going on with Spotify. You guys need to step up your game. This is sad!

I'm using the web player (windows 10; chrome browser) and I'm not able to add songs to my playlists either.  I'm adding the songs and it appears to be working, but when I go to that playlist the recently added song is NOT there. ???? The songs will show under my songs library though, I guess because I checked (liked) them.  I hope this issue gets resolved quickly!

Also having the same issue!

It started doing that today.

Me too, just on a normal account, not premium.

same here, started doing that yesterday, it was all fine before that.

win7, chrome browser, free account


spotify staff, pleaes take care of that or atleast give us an answer

Same here, using a Mac though. I'm pretty sure it's on Spotify's end. 😕 Super annoying as I wasted a ton of time today adding songs to playlists only to realize it wasn't actually saving it.

FIXED, I guess 🙂

now only the delete option is fixed for me..I still cannot add songs.

its a start though 😄

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