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Can't change order of songs on my playlist?

Can't change order of songs on my playlist?

So for some reason most of my playlists won't let me change the order of the songs on them now, I can still add and remove tracks and can still do it on a couple of others but it just wont work on this select few and it's getting really annoying. Anyone know a solution?

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Hey @walrus_


Look at the column headers at the top of the playlist "Song, Artist, Album, Title" and make sure you have not sorted the playlist by one of the columns. If there is a green up or down arrow next to one of them, click it twice and the playlist should return to the normal order.


Then, you can drag songs up or down to rearrange them.

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This happened to me too. Solved by clicking on one of the categories mentioned by MattSuda (even though no green arrow was next to any of them)- green arrow appears, then click it twice. Now you should be able to sort your playlist.

thank you for giving us the obvious and CORRECT answer!! I spent too many minutes trying to figure this out! xoxo

I don't have these options, is there any other way I can fix this issue? I'm on android. My android tablet can rearrange song order and can reshuffle play lists, but my phone can't, and I can't just edit my playlist on my tablet then go to my phone as the playlist order doesn't change on my phone

You can just click the menu at the top right (3 dots) and hit the "Edit Playlist" button. Then you can rearrange or remove songs, and change the name of the Playlist.

That works on playlists I've made, but not on the Liked playlist - ?? Am I missing something?

You can sort them by pressing the 3 dots and pressing "Sort liked songs". This allows you to sort them by Title, artist, album, and recently played. I don't think you can rearrange them individually.

Thanks. Too bad. 😞

Thank you so much man!!!

Doesn’t work for me. 

Hey @SD5687,

Thanks for your reply in this thread 🙂

In this case, keep in mind it is not possible to manually rearrange the order of playlists made for you by Spotify (e.g. Daily mixes), nor your Liked songs playlist. You can sort these playlists by album, artist, date added or title.


However, you can rearrange the other playlists you've created with your account. If you're in our free service, you can do it from your desktop app. You can find more information about it here.

Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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Yeah sometimes I move the songs on my playlists that I make  based on my moods but it won't let me move songs from the top or bottom it only lets me move them down like four or six spots then I try and move them again it kinda sucks

Hey there @blj8lcyrdgcjpfw


Thanks for getting in touch about this. 


Could you let us know on which device are you experiencing this? Also, does this happen on multiple devices?


On another note, would you mind sending us the exact make/model, operating system and Spotify version of your device?


We'll be on the lookout.

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I have spotify downloaded on my iphone and my laptop but this primarily happens on the laptop because I use both the desktop app and the webplayer on chrome. It started happening a month or so. But this happened once and it then I tried rearranging my playlists like a week and it was fixed.

I think this is the version of spotify which is the Spotify for Windows

Hey @blj8lcyrdgcjpfw,


Thanks for the reply.


Are you able to rearrange the playlist now?


Could you post descriptive screenshots, where we can see how you're trying to rearrange them and get a clear understanding of what is going on on your end? This'll help a lot.


Keep us posted,



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