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Can't fix "Error code 4" no matter what I try

Can't fix "Error code 4" no matter what I try




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Hello Spotify community,


This is the second or third time I am returning to the forum with this issue.

My Spotify keeps giving me the famous "No internet connection detected. Spotify will automatically try to reconnect when it detects an internet connection (error code:4)"

I have gone onto pretty much every thread on this forum regarding this issue, but every solution I try gives me no results.

My PC has internet connection. Actually, I am writing this very forum post on the PC that Spotify can supposedly not find an active internet connection on. It's just Spotify that cannot connect; every other app on this PC is working flawlessly on my network. My Windows 10 laptop also has no issues connecting to Spotify when connected to my network. It seems to only be happening on my PC while on LAN.


Let me just sum up all of the things I have already tried to save you helpful people some time suggesting solutions:

  • Setting a Google DNS (I've tried other public DNS addresses as well, to no avail)
  • Changing the proxy settings inside Spotify (tried all the options with nothing filled in, and tried using a NordVPN proxy, still nothing)
  • Turning router on and off
  • Disabling all firewalls on my PC (I have no third party antivirus installed, just using Windows Defender)
  • Spotify is allowed inside of my firewall, both on private and public networks
  • Disabling/uninstalling ALL other network drivers
  • Connecting LAN cable to different port
  • Updating my LAN drivers
  • Installing Spotify off the Microsoft store
  • Clearing Spotify cache
  • Flushing DNS
  • Deleting and reinstalling Spotify

I am experienced with computers and networks so trust me, when something as simple as Spotify does not connect no matter what I try, I start pulling my hair out.

Now, there are two solutions that solve my problem of Spotify not recognizing my network, but both are very impractical and, I'm sure you would agree, extremely unnecessary:

  • The first one is uninstalling Spotify and downgrading to a September 2019 version of the app. Once installed the app works flawlessly and I have full functionality, but when I restart my computer or the app, Spotify auto-updates to the newest version and stops working again. This means I have to reinstall Spotify every time I wish to use it. Very time consuming and impractical.
  • The second solution I have found is connecting a Wi-Fi dongle to a USB-port. This allows me to connect to my wireless network using my PC. This was a solution for a while, until I desperately needed all of the USB-ports on my PC. As well as that, the dongle is very unstable, and usually does not connect to Wi-Fi automatically, and drops connection very often. Also impractical and just plain unnecessary to have a USB-dongle connected to my PC just to play music in the app.

If anyone more experienced than me with networks or the way Spotify connects to the internet, please, PLEASE reply to this topic with your solution. And don't bother suggesting the solutions I have already tried.

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Bumping this.

Hi there @Palace

thanks for reaching out to the community !


There's an on going issue under investigation here where Spotify is gathering more info about this.

It would be a great idea to add your +VOTE, comment and subscribe for further updates.


I would also recommend checking out your host files following the steps provided here.


Thanks for your cooperation.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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