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Can't launch/install Spotify from Windows Store *fixed*

Can't launch/install Spotify from Windows Store *fixed*

EDIT: After a few restarts this problem has been fixed, the app does launch. (I can't seem to be able to delete the post, however...)




I was using my Spotify normally when suddenly it froze, so I closed it on Task Manager. However, when I tried to launch the app again, it showed an error saying: "This app can't open, Check the Windows Store for more info about Spotify." When I open the Store page it says "This app encountered a problem. Please reinstall it to repair it." Reinstalling does nothing, as the same error appears, and I've tried signing out and back in and restarting my device.


Screenshot (14).png


What should I do?

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As a matter of fact, why isn't there an option to delete the post?

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