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Can't play full song in discord

Can't play full song in discord







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Windows 10


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I have spotify premium and from what i've gleaned, I am able to play a full song from an embedded player. Which is true in a browser, but in discord I am only able to play 30 seconds then it tells me to "play on spotify" or to "log in". Clicking "log in" just brings me to spotify in the browser and doesn't change anything for discord. My spotify is connected to discord also.

Is this just how it is for discord? Then why can I play a full song from an embed in browser? If anyone has an answer, it would be great.

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I think the Discord integration is only for the status/listening-to, listen-along, and invite-to-listen features, not for full-track, embedded plays inside of Discord messages. When you click on "Play in Spotify", that uses your browser to find a default URI handler on your computer to open the link, specifically, it's looking for Spotify Desktop. When you click on "Log In", it uses your browser to use the web app version of Spotify. Neither of these buttons are meant to actually play music from inside of Discord. I'm not sure exactly how they're communicating with the Spotify API, maybe Web API for desktop and Playback SDK for mobile, but it seems to be by design that you are redirected to the browser. If you look on mobile, you go straight to the installed app, which is also by design.

I haven't looked into it, but there are Discord bots that claim to play from Spotify, like Rythm. Although, they may just be scraping the song metadata using authenticated calls to to the Spotify API then passing authenticated calls to the YouTube API and giving you the sound payload from there, lol. No clue!

Bottom line is that Discord doesn't currently seem to support full-track, embedded Spotify playback by design, just the snippet and two ways to hear more outside of Discord. I might be missing something though, so maybe someone else has some useful info. 

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