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Can't see Shuffle button

Can't see Shuffle button







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I can't for the life of me find the shuffle button, either on the Web player or my desktop app.  I've searched and found the help article saying its at the bottom of the player, but I can't see it.  When I'm playing my playlist, at the bottom all I see is the "thumbs down", "Back", "Pause"/"Play", "Next", and "thumbs up" buttons.  I see a plus on the bottom left, but that is for adding to my library.  The bottom right has a "Queue" button, a "Devices available" button, and the volume.  WHERE IS THE SHUFFLE?  Is it a premium option?  I didn't see any reference to that.   Please help!  Thanks.


UPDATE: After looking some more, I found I could make it appear, when playing my custom playlist, by clicking the three dots in the upper left hand corner, select "Playback", and then "Shuffle"  --- and then at the bottom of the screen the shuffle and repeat buttons appear, seemingly replacing the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons.


However, those options (through the three dot menu in upper left) are greyed out when I play a "Radio" playlist.  Why can't I shuffle a "Radio" playlist?  Why is the option (by clicking the three dots in upper left) greyed out sometimes?   Why don't the shuffle / repeat buttons at the bottom show up until I click Shuffle through the menu? Why is this so hard to understand....


UPDATE 2:  Now I can't even Shuffle my playlist ... I'm so confused  as to how this works.  I'm including a picture of what I'm seeing.




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The 2 buttons that are Thumbs up and Thumbs down appear when you finished a playlist or just one song and Spotify will continue playing music that is relevant to the ones you were just hearing. It's like a Radio Station. By using those 2 buttons you will get better suggestions on that Radio Station.

If you just play a song or a playlsit you should get this buttons like usually everyone does.

As the last option I would suggest to try a new account and reinstalling Spotify.


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