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Can't uninstall




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An infrequent but recurring issue I have had for a while is every so often the app will stop working.  Trying to launch the app would do nothing, I wouldn't even get an error message of any kind.

Before I have always been able to fix it easily by just reinstalling the app, however this time I don't seem to be able to get it to uninstall.

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Hey there @TheJogMan,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! Don't worry we're here to help 🙂

Could you please try again to perform a clean reinstall following these steps? 

If that doesn't fix things, you can post a screenshot of what you are seeing and we'll take a closer look. Just be sure to hide any personal or sensitive information. You can use the Insert Photos option in the post editor to do this.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted on your progress.


Have a great day!

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