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Cannot download anything other than playlists

Cannot download anything other than playlists

Sincerest apolgies if there is already a thread on this, but I was unable to find a relevant/solved one. I am currently trying to download all my albums/saved songs onto my Windows 10 laptop, via the desktop app. However, I am unable to. I only have the option to download playlists. The only solution I have seen is to create a playlist with all my saved songs and download that, but that is ridiculous considering you can download albums and/or all saved songs on mobile...

So from my perspective I can only see two options currently:

a) there is an issue with my desktop app (I have tried clean installing it)

b) Spotify has not added this feature to the desktop app, only the mobile app, which is a very strange and frustrating move on their part.

If anyone knows which it is, I would love to know so I can either bring this to their attention, or sort out the issue if it is on my end.

Thanks, Oliver

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Hey, @Oliver_F -


Unfortunately, for now on Spotify Desktop you can only download playlists instead of albums/saved music, etc. which is option B on this case.


If you'd like to download the albums and music you want, you'll have to create a new playlist and add your Saved Music or albums to download them.


Here are the instructions on how to create a playlist:


Also please vote for this idea so we can implement features downloading albums/saved songs on Desktop:


Thank you 🙂


Thank you for your prompt reply. I will get on to voting for this idea as I would like to see it implemented.

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