Cant log in, error code 17 on Windows 10


Cant log in, error code 17 on Windows 10

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Hi, out of the blue Spotify wouldnt let me log in today. I would be so grateful for any help on how to fix this!


When i try to log in the error message says (translated) "A firewall may be blocking Spotify. Change its settings to allow Spotify through.You may also want to try to change the proxy settings (error code: 17)".


I have tried logging on offline (same + error code 31), uninstalling and reinstalling, change the firewall settings and googleing advice. I run Spotify on Windows 10 Home (laptop) and to my knowledge there was no unusual activity like change of antivirus programe/software/internetconnection/update/etc between the day before when everything worked fine and the folloing day when i couldnt log in. 


Any help or advise would be much appreciated!

Thanks / Jenny

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I have this problem as well, tried everything from reboot, reinstall, checking firewall rules, etc.  And it happens on multiple shouldn't be a firewall issue, the error just has bad wording.  Probably something with an app update or api issue 😞


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So in my case the problem appears to have been that the country i set in my profile (New Zealand as i lived there for 6 months) wasn't where i live today (Japan for the last 5 months). As soon as i changed to Japan on my webbased-profile i could log in and listen to music through my computer app.

But i recommend emailing support at they got back to me quickly (within hours after last email) and gave me a test account and lots of questions so I got the impression they really want to sort out this problem.

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jefi061 seems to be right about solution, it looks like this error has replaced the "wrong country" one that comes up if you are away from your account country for 14 days.
Changing your country to the one you are currently in works, same with actually coming back to your original country.
So, if you've encountered the "wrong country" error before, it can be resolved the same.


This also worked for me.  

- error code 17 (out of the blue, no changes or updates etc.) when trying to log in to app (Windows 10 Pro)

- logged in using the browser rather than the app

- changed country

- login to app worked fine


why can't i change my country in the browser app?

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@jefi01 WOAH! okay... So my name is Geoffrey right. and Im from NZ, but actually lived there all my life... now im in Japan since last month to live... weird coincidence... and I actually have the same problem hence why im here. Are you me in another life??!


Thank you!! I was going crazy to find a solution!! I saw that my country on spotify was not correct anymore, I changed the country to Thailand where I'm and all fixed.


This problem happened to me when moved countries. so the best way to fix it is to go to your spotify account online and update your current country of residence and things should work just fine.


I got this fixed by changing country from my profile.


This solved it for me. I moved to another country and after I updated my profile on the Spotify site, it works again. The error should be clearer or this should be made clear once you log in, that you are not in the same country as you registered in. This will be annoying as I travel around a lot.

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OK, this drove me up the wall. Spend over 2 hours on it with a brand new Asus Windows 10 laptop, probably closer to 3 hours. Tried absolutely everything in the posts ...uninstalling few times, changing location, using VPN, dropping my firewall. Was just about to give up ....and then as a last resort I registered new with an old yahoo address that i've stopped using like 5 years ago. And knock me over with a feather, I logged right more error 17 & 37's !! And what was more amazing I went straight to my Library & all my music was there...however, while doing this post I went back to pick a tune, and everything was deleted. BUT, I can access spotify, whoop whoop ! Hope I save you an hour or 2 !
Update 30 min later; my saved albums are gone, but my playlist stuff is either back or is still there. On my profile it shows my real email address, and not the spare one I logged in with, and does show Germany iso South Africa where I'm right now - i did change to Germany with the VPN before & that didn't work...flippen weird 🙂
+ Last Update +15 min later: logged out restarted, logged in with FB with no VPN, so in ZA while my profile still says i'm in Germany - and it shows my current details, the ones I battled for hours to log in with. All my old stuff is back, and all the new stuff I added is gone.... 




That's definitely what's causing the problem, thank you!

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This is annoying. Spotify was opening up to a blank grey screen (a probom (edit: don't think probom is a word, not sure why its not highlited in red, leaving it for the lolz) spotify has had for many many years according to my google searches). I figured id try un-installing and re-installing.. Now I am getting error code 17.


This is a PC. I never left the counrty nor do I ever use any VPN....