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Cant log in, error code 17 on Windows 10


Cant log in, error code 17 on Windows 10


Hi, out of the blue Spotify wouldnt let me log in today. I would be so grateful for any help on how to fix this!


When i try to log in the error message says (translated) "A firewall may be blocking Spotify. Change its settings to allow Spotify through.You may also want to try to change the proxy settings (error code: 17)".


I have tried logging on offline (same + error code 31), uninstalling and reinstalling, change the firewall settings and googleing advice. I run Spotify on Windows 10 Home (laptop) and to my knowledge there was no unusual activity like change of antivirus programe/software/internetconnection/update/etc between the day before when everything worked fine and the folloing day when i couldnt log in. 


Any help or advise would be much appreciated!

Thanks / Jenny


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So in my case the problem appears to have been that the country i set in my profile (New Zealand as i lived there for 6 months) wasn't where i live today (Japan for the last 5 months). As soon as i changed to Japan on my webbased-profile i could log in and listen to music through my computer app.

But i recommend emailing support at they got back to me quickly (within hours after last email) and gave me a test account and lots of questions so I got the impression they really want to sort out this problem.

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I've encountered the same problem today and couldn't find the solution. 

Same problem here, error code 17. Bought brand new ms surface notebook yesterday, can't log in. 

Me too! I couldn't log in to my account today. Can any admin check up on this please? At least a reply that a solution is currently being worked out

The same with me

I can't get in either and I have tried to log in with the antivirus and everything off but it didn't work. I can use online on the computer but it is not the same as having the app...

Same with me. 



This issue is one I'm also dealing with. Funny enough it's only on the application. I can log on to the browser and use the web player with no problem. 


Could someone escalate this? I really miss using the application



same problem in windows 7..

hope it'll be fixing 

Same problem... premium user here

Windows 10 here experiencing the same issue, premium user, please fix, thx

I have also tried re-downloading through microsoft store, checked through my firewall exceptions for applications. Solution not found.

I have tried re-installing through microsoft store, clearing data of spotify apps in AppData/Roaming, and regedit, also looking through firewall exceptions. Nothing works. Please help solve this problem thanks

Did any body solve it yet I'm facing the same problem in windows 10 32bit??

same issue....on a Mac

Same problem.

Windows 10 x64 build 16299

Do you guys also happen to use BitDefender by any chance?

I emailed support as well and here is their answer (no solution, but just in case it might help anybody else):


Thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear you're having trouble accessing your account. No worries, we're here to help you get in.

We've taken a look at your xxxxx account and can see that there was a problem processing your last payment, so we paused your subscription. This can happen if your payment method expires. Paused accounts can't listen to music until you update the payment method or cancel the subscription.

Don't worry though, we can help. We've unpaused your subscription and you're back on the Free, ad-supported service. This means you can listen to music again right away. You can resubscribe again at any time.

We're sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you.

Just let us know if there's anything else that we can help you with. We'll get back to you in a beat!

Which is true, i didnt want the premium anymore and just didnt pay (obviously not a good idea to stop the service that way) But i still have to the same error code 17/firewall/proxy setting message which i told them, so I'll let you know if Spotify gives me any good advice about it.

And no i dont use BitDefender


 same thing, right? i've been looking for answers, but it seems to just be an error worldwide.

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