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Cant play music at all

Cant play music at all







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Hi, for about a year now (i know i should have come earlier) i have been having many issues with playback on spotify. It started slowly where i would play a song, and about 6 seconds in it would just stop. At first it was just some songs, but eventually it got to be every single song i try to play.  I tried restarting my computer, clearing my cache, and ive reinstalled spotify multiple times. I logged into my account on my laptop and it was working fine, however i later decided to try making a new spotify account and using it on my desktop, and it actually worked, for a while. Now im starting to get the exact same issue on the new account.

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Hey there @Keeru

thanks for posting !


Can you please make sure your system is fully updated ? same goes for your audio drivers.

Make sure Spotify has permission on your firewall or any anti virus software running on your PC.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

My system is fully updated, i just checked and found that all my drivers are updated, spotify has access through my firewall, and i added an exception for spotify in malwarebytes, as well as just ended the malwarebytes task alltogether and tried again. Its still not working.

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