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Still at the album limit after the new update

Still at the album limit after the new update






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If I understand the most recent update correctly, saving an album no longer 'likes' all the songs. Hence the limit to songs and albums should now be separate. However this does not apply, for whatever reason, to my account.

I currently have 9865 songs saved, and 937 albums saved and I can no longer save additional albums. Needless to say this is making me very frustrated. My friend, who was at the limit before the update, is now able to save additional albums without complications.

I tweeted the so called "spotifycares" account several times and was ignored. When I messaged them directly I got a response which was at first promising. It soon became clear that they had no intention of helping me.


I know I'm not the only one who's had enough of this. I've seen numerous post regarding the same issue. Will anyone at Spotify actually respond to this? 


Frankly this is absurd.

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