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Cant remove recently played from the HOME page.

Cant remove recently played from the HOME page.

this one random album that ive never listened to is stuck on my page and its driving me up the wall as i cant find a single way to remove it. is there anything i can do because i like everything to be organised and have its own place, this really bugs me.

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Out of curiosity, and a need for more info on the situation, have you listened to any other songs since you noticed the issue? And have they appeared on that list?

To my knowledge, there is no way to get rid of it except listening to different music to get it away. I may be wrong though.


Im pretty sure its a bug as NONE of my other songs that i listen to or songs that i find randomly and listen to appear on that list, nothing has changed, the only thing that shows on that list is that one song/album and it wont change or go away, nothing else i listen to appears on it either, i think its a little bug in the program most likely!!


I attached another image to show that it has not changed despite listening to different songs etc


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