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Change in the design of Spotify for PC

Change in the design of Spotify for PC

Hello, I would like you to change the design of Spotify for PC, in this case for Windows, and if there is such a need to use Facebook to share what you are listening to, do it in a small tab or a small button, but in the current design that It has a large flap or strip on the right side inviting you to connect your Facebook, today 2021, I do not know if everyone in the world uses Facebook so frequently or massively, since I stopped using it more than 7 years ago.

And I find it annoying since you can't even reduce that flap, it's huge, it's ugly. There is not even something usable in that strip, and I do not think I am the only one who uses Spotify on the pc and who also bothers.

Please, remove that large flap, and it would be more practical and comfortable to leave it as a small button in some area where it does not disturb the eye.

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Hi @Cesar789,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


It's possible to remove. You just need to toggle off 'see what your friends are playing' in the Settings.


Let us know how it goes 🙂


Take care!

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Thanks for the answer, I am also looking for it. I also want you to change the design of Spotify for PC, in this case for Windows. It will be much easier for us. And if you need any help regarding changing your website design then you can visit MasterBundles here where you will find a lot of information related to website designs.

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