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Clearing Spotify storage space

Clearing Spotify storage space

I am sure this is a regular post but looking for tips - 


I have a pretty small SSD disk in my laptop and for some reason Spotify is using more than 7Gb+ of data even though I have nothing at all downloaded locally.


Is there any way of clearing this down apart from uninstalling and reinstalling? What does it need all that space for?


Any advice on how to clear it down would be really appreciated - thanks!

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Simply go in your %appdata% folder, then in local and then look for a folder named "Spotify", delete it and you're done. I suggest you to change location of this folder in c:\spotify, because it will reduce your pc performance in your %appdata% folder.


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Would that be in the Local folder or the Roaming folder?

The default path is this :  C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Spotify\


I suggest you to change in C:\Spotrfy


You can do it by your pc app, in settings, advance, cache. 


To me is "Offline songs storage" due to my premium, but if you haven't it still storage some data. I've attached another image that show how the content is inside this folder.


Sorry, but that doesn't ake a difference. The large folder is




So changing that setting in Spotify made no difference. That file is stillin the same place and the same size.


Any other suggestions?

After the change you have to restart spotify. Or you can simply delete the 'data' folder and your cache will be gone. 

"You need permission to perform this action"
Won't delete
Uninstalled Spotify and still won't delete

I guess Resetting the Spotify fixes this. I tried it and worked. Go to Advanced option in the Settings > Apps > Spotify > Advanced Options > Reset.Screenshot (335).pngScreenshot (334).pngScreenshot (333).png

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