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Clicking the album icon doesn't take you to the correct song

Clicking the album icon doesn't take you to the correct song




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Windows 10


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This is a bug that has been bothering me for a while now, not sure how long it's been around, but thought I should post a bug report so that it might get fixed.


When I'm playing songs in the Spotify application and click the album to go to the song in the playlist that is currently playing, it doesn't go to the correct song. (GIF below showing the issue.) It works sometimes, but it seems that for some reason the songs somehow get linked incorrectly in the lists. If I turn off shuffle it still doesn't work, but if I go to the next song it will go the song just below the previously incorrect one so it's kind of "working", but the songs get linked to the incorrect place in the playlist. Restarting the application doesn't help and the problem is on my largest playlist (over 1800 songs), just tried with my other playlists and the problem seems to appear when there are 200 or more songs in the playlist (worked perfectly fine with 172 songs but the problem appeared in a playlist with 200 songs).

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