Community search engine changes search terms


Community search engine changes search terms

Casual Listener

I apologize if this is the wrong forum but I am a newbie and the Help forum does not allow me to post for some reason.


In the Spotify windows app, I tried to find the band "GTR" that includes Steve Howe.  Some results for Steve Howe were returned but no GTR.  A Google search for "Spotify GTR" brings back results including a photo of GTR with an ad prompting to start a Spotify subscription..


When I try to search in the Music Chat or Rock Stars forums, the search box on the page changes the search terms I enter, even if I use double quotes.  Example:

"Steve Howe" is changed to "Steps now"

"GTR" is changed to "got".

Note: this occurs on the actual forum page, not the overall search box at the upper right corner of the screen.


So I guess this is two questions:  (1) where is GTR?  (2) how to prevent the search engine from changing search terms?


thank you