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Connect to a device won't work

Connect to a device won't work

Windows 10 enterprise 20H2
Spotify and Sonos new installation.
Premium family account.
Netherlands and I'm a Dutch native speaker.

Because I experienced next problems I reinstalled both Spotify and Sonos, after deleting them thoroughly, again. Same problems.

After opening Spotify I'm unable to connect to a device. (Sonos speakers) In fact there is right in the bottom that connect symbol, but it says there are no devices available.

If starting the Sonos program there is no problem playing any music over Sonos. I also can play spotify music: Right part I choose spotify, library, playlists. I can pic just what I want and it works.

Why can't I find the devices in spotify like in Sonos rooms?

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Hey there @Kostenzer,


Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community.


Can you confirm if you followed these steps when you reinstalled the app? This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


We also suggest that you check if the device is up to date.


Another useful step is to restart your router.


Let us know how everything goes so that we can continue to assist you if you need us to.


Take care!

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Thanks for answering.


I don't use spotify often, so don't look often here. The problem still exists and makes me use spotify les often.


To your question.

Yes, I did:

Windows 10


  1. Open Spotify and click File in the menu bar. Select Exit.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Open System.
  5. Click Apps & features, then select Spotify.
  6. Click Uninstall. Click Uninstall again in the pop-up to confirm.
  7. On the Start search bar, type %AppData% and hit enter. This should open up AppData\Roaming.
  8. In the new window that opens up make sure there's no Spotify folder showing up. If there is, you can delete it.
  9. Make sure that there is no Spotify folder left in AppData\Local  (or C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage) as well.
  10. In addition, you can run a search on your device to look for any leftover Spotify folders left. If you find any, make sure to delete them.
  11. Shut down your device, wait a couple of minutes and switch it on again.
  12. Download and install Spotify from the Windows Apps store.

I deleted it with revo uninstaller. This program removes far more than the uninstaller does.

There are still no available (sonos) devices on my device. Picture language: DutchNo devicesNo devices

Hey @Kostenzer


Thanks for getting back in touch.


We suggest that you check if your device has any pending updates following the steps here

Your Sonos system and products will need to be linked to your Sonos Account. Once complete, the Sonos speakers will show up under “DEVICES AVAILABLE” in the Spotify app.


If you still don't see your Sonos speakers or aren't able to play to them, make sure you are on the correct WiFi network, and reboot your router. 


Additionally, we recommend trying unlinking and the re-linking your device following the steps here.


Keep us posted 🙂

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Same acylic device Spotify fails to connect to them

At my wife's device it works fine.

Sonos is up-to-date.

Using Sonos, I can play any of my playlists. See below.sonos 1.JPG

The Sonos speakers upper left are shown at my wife's device.

On my PC:

sonos 2.JPG

Not. You see the same playlist is shown.

As told, I removed Sonos and Spotify thoroughly using Revo because of this problem. Rebooted win 10 Enterprise and installed those two from scratch again. No difference.

Playing  Spotify over Sonos no problem. Playing  Sonos over Spotify is a  problem. 


How to solve this?

Hi again @Kostenzer,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


Can you let us know the make, model and OS version of your wife's device? Also, could you try logging in to your wife's account in your PC to see if the same issue happens? This would help us determine if this is account or device related.


Keep us in the loop.

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Yes, I could, but it isn't necessary.

I found the cause of the problem.


After booting all works fine. But after closing the laptop top and starting again, not booting, because of lost connection, Sonos or Spotify can't connect properly again.
Spotify can't find Sonos again. I just mailed this to Sonos and now to you.
Maybe you know a solution?




Hey @Kostenzer,


Thanks for posting.


Do you mean that restarting the PC (temporarily) resolved the problem? If the issue persists, we recommend that you try logging in with your own account on your wife's pc and see if you can connect to Sonos there, as @CarlosE suggested. That way we can check for account-related issues. Make sure to include the make, model, OS version and exact Spotify version on both and your wife's PC.


Keep us posted! We'll be happy to lend a hand if you need more help. 

Mihail Moderator
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