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Connected apps (Lastfm, Discord) no longer working

Connected apps (Lastfm, Discord) no longer working

This hasn't been working for weeks and it's been driving me insane. Discord randomly stopped showing what I'm listening to and Lastfm randomly stopped scrobbling. There's a tempoary solution to deleting Spotify again then redownloading but it stops working again after I close Spotify. I also read on another thread that it could be an Adblocker thing I'm using for desktop but I deleted all of them to my knowledge, along with that, I've tried:

-Clean installation of Spotify, Discord, and Lastfm

-Reconnecting Discord/Lastfm accounts

-Restarting my computer

None of them work, if anyone knows the solution, please help.




United States

Operating System

Windows 10


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I'm experiencing the same exact thing and its so darn irratating! discord support thinks It's because I do not have my display on.. Did you ever figure out the solution to your problom?

Unfortunately, not yet.

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