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Spotify Status on Discord won't update

Spotify Status on Discord won't update

Whenever I'm playing a song on Spotify, and the song ends and switches to another, the Discord status that says "Listening to Spotify" will not update to the current song, and will display the previous song that had already ended, unless I'm tabbed out of Discord. I've tried unlinking my Discord to my Spotify, I've signed out of Spotify, and this issue still happens. This is a fairly new issue. How do I fix this?


Windows 10/Discord


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Hey @MF_HYPER, help's arrived.


Let's try reinstalling both Spotify and Discord and see if it helps. 


If not, there are some really good tips on this thread. Try them out and let us know how it goes.


Keep us posted 🙂


i would suggest using spotify web player and check the status on discord. if the status shows up , revert back to the spotify app. hope this helps.

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