Cracking and popping on windows

Cracking and popping on windows

When im listening to music on spotify, ill get these crackles and pop sounds that ruins the listening experince. I get these on pretty much every song. this doesnt happen on anyweb broswers, but I did check and it is happeninbg on iTunes. 


Ive tried, reinstalling, updating audio drivers, and switching to high quality streaming. Nothing has worked.

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Hey @connor_white53


Could you also check if it happens in some local media player like VLC or Windows Media Player?


I suggest you to try:

1. going to your Power Options. Select Balanced or High Performance, and then click 'Change plan settings' and find 'Change Advanced Power Settings'. I recommend checking the processor power management and set it to 100%. I've also disabled selective USB suspend (under USB), and set Wireless adapter to max performance.


2. Going to your Sound settings. Make sure you've disabled the Sound Enhancements.


I recommend firing up Resource Monitor and observing the CPU usage for a bit, whilst Spotify or iTunes is playing. Processes that hog CPU a lot may cause pops and crackles in the audio playback.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

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Sometimes it doesnt happen and sometimes it does after complettly reinstalling any drivers, and with the power options there wasnt a major difference.


Nothing is really affecting my CPU usages as I have a i7 6700k, and it can handle most things.


I was thinking it might be the latest windows update that may have affected something.


Thanks anyway


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