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Crashing on Win 10 without user interaction

Crashing on Win 10 without user interaction




 United States of America



Operating System

Windows 10


My Issue

 Since the latest update to Spotify, the application will crash at random times while playing podcasts, shutting itself down unexpectedly. This occurs after the application has been open for a while (30 min - 1 hour), and it's occured so consistently that I can start to notice when it's about to happen. After Spotify has been open for a while, when I go to browse other podcast episodes or listen to songs, the application will not be as responsive as it was when it was first opened, reacting slowly to my mouse clicks. (about a 2-3 second delay after the click, compared to how instantaneous the UI feels when the app is first launched.)


In an effort to solve this issue, I uninstalled Spotify from my PC, and reinstalled the program with a newly-downloaded installer from the main website; my hope was that something had gone wrong with the installation of the updates. At first this seemed to be the solution; my Spotify no longer crashed. However, I realized the version of Spotify installed was not the latest version, as my newly-installed app had a notification asking me to update Spotify. I decided to ignore the update, wondering if it had been the cause of the crashes.


Later, I had closed my Spotify and then decided to re-open it. Unfortunately, this triggered an auto-installation of the update which I feared. And lo and behold, my Spotify is crashing again.


I can't keep reinstalling Spotify to a previous version; I'm not even sure it IS the update, but it's the only suspect that I have right now.

17 Replies

Same here, starting today

Same crashing happening here. Odd that this issue isn't discussed more. The crash can happen with or without anything playing.

Same thing started happening to me. Updated to (Windows Store version) just today and that's when it started. Spotify just keeps shutting down.

This issue occurs for me as well after the latest update. Entire process shuts down (also on Windows 10)


Hey folks:

Look for "SpotifyFullSetup" at your main drive (probably will appear at C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\). Copy that .exe file and paste it somewhere else outside C:\Users\<your-username>
Run it and it will work.


Same problem but no solution for me, as I got the Windows App from the Microsoft Store. 

im having the same issue right now. nothing will fix it. tried uninstalling the version i had on my desktop (windows 10 64bit) and re install the client i downloaded off of this site. it started late lastnight or earlier this morning. i was listening to podcasts and about 20 mins in it would shut down the app. tried running it as if it was running on windows 8 but the same thing happened after 20-40ish mins.

this is soooooo frustrating because i use spotify for all my music and podcasts.

Same thing here. When I leave it just listening to music, it is fine. But as soon as I click a podcast after that, and then immediatly go back to the music, then it will shut down while listening to the music.

Same here for me.  It does it constantly every 15/30 minutes or so.... especially when listening to podcasts it seems.   Current windows 10 64bit.

I have the same problem but only after re-installing Spotify because of slow load times and jittery audio...


Comon Spotify, help us out! It is getting very frustrating constantly cycling between one problem or another.

Hello, and welcome to the Spotify Community,


I would suggest downloading the Spotify app from the Microsoft Store (again for those who already did), that version seems to work a LOT better than running the .exe version. Also if the problem persists, Let me know and I'll take a deeper look.


Best of Luck,



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Note: I am not a Spotify Employee.


I have been having this exact issue, but I have not uninstalled yet because it doesn't look like it will fix this issue. I hope theres a fix soon.

Same problem - Spotify crashes after 20 - 30 minutes, then responds very slowly when I open it again.  Also either loses a few minutes from where I left off in the podcast, or forgets that it's been played at all.


I uninstalled & deleted every file with "spotify" in the name, restarted the computer, re-installed from the Microsoft store, and I'm having the same problem (except the first try crashes much sooner, maybe 2 minutes in).  Maybe it thinks I need to take a break from the politics.  It's probably right.  Nevertheless, I'd like it to leave me to my masochism uninterrupted.  (Will next try shouting "you're not my mother" & beaning it with a soda can.  It works on people.)

Please help, dearest Spotify powers-that-be. 

Same problem with Premium - I've seen this also happening on Windows 7 and 8.1

Same here, random crashes which freeze my latop

when I turned off the features in settings it was fixed like crossfading ect. It started when I turned or should I say tried them out. turn them back off and it was fixed

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