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Create a recent playlist that continually updates

Create a recent playlist that continually updates

Hello everyone, I'm coming to you because I'm looking for a feature that I can not find. I am trying to create a "smart" playlist that is filled with new music that I add in my library spotify as and when, and that music I added a while ago (eg 1 month or a week) is deleted from the playlist. This will allow me to have a playlist filled with all the news that I just discovered, which is constantly updated. I did this with when I was on Apple Music and I would like to do it again. I hope I have been clear and thank you in advance.
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Hey @Kranenoeil, welcome to the Community. 


There's currently no way of setting an option like that. If you feel like this is something other people would like, feel free to submit an idea. Others can vote for it and contribute to the discussion. 


All the best!


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