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Daily Mix 1 issue

Daily Mix 1 issue



My Daily Mix 1 has only 3 songs, and every week it is changing songs / artists but it is always 3 songs. Other daily mixes are normal.


When last song ends it is not continuing even though repeat is activated. It just stops with no previous / next track option.

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This is really weird. have you tried selecting your music taste in Spotify app?



I have 6 Daily Mixes and only this one is faulty. I am not sure how I am supposed to select in Spotify? I usually search for songs or keep my lists on shuffle.

Inside spotify mobile app you can select your music languages and also select artists you like. Try doing that it will give spotify idea what you like and give you more songs in daily mix.



I didn't find such option in Spotify app. I have PC app and Android app. Also I have to mention that I am using Spotify more than 2-2.5 years so it should know what I like so far.

I can completely understand your problem and as I said this is wired and not supposed to happen. I would recommend you contacting Spotify directly from here about this issue:

Hope this helps. 🙂

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