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Daily Mix is different from smartphone

Daily Mix is different from smartphone


Windows laptop and Android smartphone

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 My Daily Mix on laptop and smartphone are completely different. This is the case for some long time. Since android update

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Hey @jooji-san, welcome to the Community!


Let's make sure you don't have multiple Spotify accounts following the suggestions on this support page.


You could be logging in to different accounts on each device which is why the content is different.


Keep us posted.

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I am having the same issue. Few days ago few of my daily mix on the desktop app changed and now I have for same user (mobile android app and windows desktop app) different daily mixes. How can it be solved?


No, I'm pretty sure, I'm using the same account on both of the devices. I even created a new account - the exact same thing happens.

Sorry for late reply, I didn't receive a notification on my email for some reason.



I have the same problem!!! (MacOS/iOS).



Hi, having the same problem here. There are kinda irrelevant songs comparing with what I listen to in the dailly mixes in the mobile app. Really like this feature on desktop and it's totally useless on mobile app.

I had the same problem, logging out and back in solved it for me.

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