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Delete key doesn't work in search field


Delete key doesn't work in search field

Delete key doesn't work in search field


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Hello @marczellm,

You are the first to mention a problem like this. It does not work for me either, but I would have never known if you did not bring it up. The backspace key does work and that is how I usually delete text.

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"Hope this helps".

Hope what helps? Is this the forum to report a bug? This is a bug report. Spotify, please fix this bug.

Hey @marczellm


Sorry to hear about this!


It seems I can use the Delete key in search.


I suggest a clean reinstall - this is how to:

1. Close Spotify and uninstall it.

2. Go to %AppData% in Windows Explorer, and delete any Spotify folders you find in Local and Roaming folders.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Install Spotify from here.


If the issue remains, may I ask what version of Spotify are you using? (the three dots upper-left - Help - About Spotify)


Keep me in the loop 🙂

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I removed and reinstalled Spotify. However there weren’t any Spotify folders in AppData since this is the Windows Store version. After the reinstall, the issue still persists. Also you cannot use Shift+arrow keys to select text. Please fix these bugs.

The version is: (Windows Store version)

I'm seeing the same issue.


Using shift-arrow keys don't select text, because it seems like they're already captured at this point to control playback (skipping forward and backward within the song). It would be ideal if these keystrokes were not captured when in the search field, since it results in accidentally skipping through tracks when expecting to just be editing text!


The delete key also doesn't have any effect, but I'm guessing it's because it has been captured and bound to some other action elsewhere in the UI (?)


Version: (Windows Store version)

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Fixed in the latest version.

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