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Deleted functions?

Deleted functions?

Some functions that I've been missing... please tell me if these functions still exist but I'm missing a choice among some settings, suffering from a bug or perhaps doing something wrong.


1) Where did the "album" column go? Why can I no longer view which album the songs in my playlist comes from or sort according to albums?

2) Usually, if you sort after songs let's say, you can press a letter on your keyboard and it would automatically scroll to the songs that start with that letter. Now you have to scroll through your playlist manually to find it, which is kinda hard when there are lots of them. This is a function that seems to come and go though, but it's very useful and not being able to use it worsens the user performance.

3) In offline mode in the mobile app you could use the search function to search for any downloaded song (now you can't).

Also if you played a play list with just some downloaded songs, it would skip the songs that you were not able to listen to in offline mode. Now it just gets stuck.

In offline mode you are sometimes not able to view the menu (the three dots by each song) and thus being unable to que songs. Sometimes it just takes a looong time. You used to be able to just swipe in one direction to que the song, which was much simpler and more efficient.


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ok this may not be an "idea" but idk how to start a thread sry im a rookie

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