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Desktop App Skipping every song

Desktop App Skipping every song







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My Issue

I cleaned my hardware, switched my motherboard, cpu and ram, and now the Spotify Desktop App is just skipping every single song i want to play.

I already tried some Community Answers like

  • new log in
  • delete the storage folder
  • reinstall the app
  • deinstall the app, delete storage folder, restart pc, reinstall and log in
  • new download of the install exe

pretty much everything I found but nothing worked. 



Original (cause my Spotify is in german):

Spotify kann dies zurzeit nicht abspielen. Wenn sich die Datei noch auf deinem Computer befinded, kannst du sie importieren.


Spotify can not play this at the moment. If the file is still on your computer, you can import it.



Spotify works fine on my notebook, PS4, phone and in the browser(notebook and tower).


If you need further data about my hardware or anything I'm happy to help.

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A few people are getting this same error. See posts "Spotify can't play this right now....".

Some people reported a reinstall fixed it for them. But I tried steps similar to you and it did not work for me either.

It does work to another device (for me), which is odd?

Response to issues in this forum seems very patchy. So I hope that the next main Spotify update will fix it.

Just went through all the delete cache and local-file.bnk that other threads were talking about. Nothing worked for me.

Then I went back to my actual device settings in Windows Control Panel.

I had set the default playback to (2 channel) 32 bit, 384000 Hz so that Amazon Music picked up the HD settings (from the Default Device).

Turns out that above 192000 Hz Spotify will not play?

Roon, Amazon Music and the Spotify Web player all play OK above 192K but not the Spotify desktop or Windows 10 Store App. I reset the device to 32 bit 192000 Hz and Spotify will now play.

To set/check your device you need to open (the old) Control Panel, Sounds, click the 'Advanced' tab and set the Default Format to 192000 Hz or less. The number of bits (16, 24 or 32) don't seem to affect Spotify.

There are several issues which can cause this error by the look of it, so you may have to search the threads/solutions to find the one which works for you. Do a search for the "Spotify can't play this song right now" error in the forum search. I found a long thread in the Desktop (Mac) helpful for searching for different possibilities that people were trying.

kinda forgott about my theat here ^^'

I checked my devices and all are set on 16bit, 42000Hz (DVD-Quality) and only one of my devices can go up to 192000Hz. I tried several combinations like setting both on the highes, both on the lowest, both on the same and nothing worked. Also i plugged off every device that can play sound and just had my headset on my pc and still nothing changed.

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